Prostate massage or prostate milking – what if you refuse to do it for him?

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Has any guys ever had to have this done & your girlfriend or wife refuse to do it? If so who did you turn to, another woman or even a man who was willing to do it for you? When my boyfriend asked me to do this I was grossed out.
I refused to do it and now he has left me. He told me he needed me to do it for him because he had a prostate infection. I didnt believe him. He also told me he couldnt have sex with me because ‘health issues’ were keeping him from having a normal sex life. He told me if I didnt do it, he would find someone who would do it, man or woman. He told me it would probably have to be a man since most women wont do it. I didn’t know what prostate massage, or milking was and I thought he was being kinky. But now I realize that it is medically recognized and legitimate treatment for certain male problems. I would like to get him back somehow but Im too ashamed and afraid to say anything. I think I am willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

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Male G Spot Milking Guide

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Another name for the male g-spot is the prostate.

You have heard a lot about the fundamentals of prostate health even though not many people talk about much about it. Few men actually know about the erotic potenial of the prostate.

Ladies do not have prostates, sometimes these are called the male gland. A prostate is actually half glad, half muscle.

Prostates are walnut-sized and have3 lobes. They surround the urethra, which is why men with prostate problems sometimes have a hard time peaing.

The urethra trails from the bladder to the cock, and the prostate is found near the bladder end of this tube, right in front of the rectum.

That means you can stimulate the prostate anally and it also means that prostate examinations are done anally. Do not worry about that that, though.

Although many men are at first scared to the thought of massage via the anus, if you relax, it actually feels a bit erotic.

Essentially, the prostates function is to make liquid that is used in semen, making up about ten to 20 percent of the liquid expelled when a man comes.

The fluid found in the prostate is slightly alkaline, in order to help combat the acidity of a womans vagina, keeping the sperm alive longer and helping to protect the DNA. So, the prostate is very responsible for healthy babies!

Have you ever made a female squirt through g-spot stimulation?

Yes, it does happen! Essentially, you were stimulating the girls version of the prostate, and the fluidis similar.

The same thing can happen if you stimulate your prostate, you squirt.

Most men who have felt a prostate orgasm have noted like reactions to women who have had ejaculating.

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Prostate Milking: The Benefits Of Prostate Milking For My Health

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Working out and eating healthy are the two most important factors that lead to a healthy body. This is true for both men and women. However, there is one regimen that is exclusive for boys. This is prostate milking. It is a routine that can cleanse the insides of your prostate gland. This is the focus of this article: the benefits of prostate milking for men’s health.

It is called prostate milking because the milking refers to the act of stimulating the prostate and extracting its content. The milk refers to the white fluid or the semen. You may do it by yourself or enjoy it with your partner. There is an option of using a prostate massager or a toy, or you may opt to use your finger. Either way, if you do it properly, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of prostate milking.

Let me give a light on what this regimen really does. You stimulate the prostate in order for it to release its contents. You might be wondering why we have to do this activity if the usual masturbation or sexual intercourse does the same job. Actually, it does not. During the usual orgasm, you only get to release some of the alkaline compound from the prostate. The remaining content is the usual culprit for prostate disease.

Another difference would be the product you release with prostate milking. The consistency is much more watery due to the alkaline substance. This fluid from your prostate is a natural neutralizer that plays a vital role during reproduction. This can counteract the acidic vaginal walls. An acidic wall can kill the sperm cells, which leads to an unsuccessful fertilization. This is the scenario that the alkaline substance would like to avoid.

One of the most important things that prostate milking can protect you from would be the dangerous prostate cancer. It can also help men who have chronic case of prostate enlargement. Freeing the prostate with its seminal fluid can lessen the pain that the patient is experiencing. Also, it is the best way to protect you from the development of prostate diseases.

You can do it regularly to ensure the health of the prostate. You may opt to have it done by a doctor or a medical practitioner. If you opt to do it on your own make sure that you read about the proper ways to do prostate milking. If you did not follow the instructions, you may just worsen the situation of your prostate.

If you have a condition of acute prostatitis or an infected prostate, you are not suggested to do this practice. There is a risk of infecting other parts of your body. This is also true if you have are diagnosed with prostate cancer. We do not want the cancer cells from your prostate to transfer to other body parts and affect it.

So, what should you do to perform proper prostate milking? You should be clean, lubricated, and relaxed. Aside from that, you should have an open mind. Milking the prostate requires you to touch your anus and explore its insides. If you are queasy about this idea, there is an alternative way to do a prostate massage.

So, make sure that you clean your body, particularly your fingers before you do the routine. Get yourself a good lubricant. You may easily purchase some from a local drugstore. Also, set your room with a relaxed mood. You may put on a favourite tune or you may light some candles to put you in the mood. Simply follow these steps for you to enjoy the benefits of prostate milking regimen.

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Prostate Milking Explained: Learning Prostate Milking’s Positive Effects On My Health

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It is not only cancer that could affect your prostate. There is prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate, and prostatism. These diseases are not as serious as the prostate cancer, but if left untreated could be dangerous. So, how can you protect yourself from this? It is by learning prostate milking‘s positive effects on your health.

Prostate milking has long been practiced in the medical field. It allows doctors and medical professionals to get semen samples from paraplegics. It is a safe activity that could also be done alone, at the comfort of your own home. As long as you follow the proper guideline, and you get to practice regularly, you may be able to do prostate milking by yourself.

If you have a partner who is willing to help you out, it would be easier. However, you have to convince your lover to lend you a hand in this activity. Another help that you could get is by making use of prostate massager. It is a tool that is specially made to do prostate milking. It is yielded in a way that would give you pleasure and health benefits all at the same time.

The main purpose of prostate milking is to milk the prostate from its contents. Its content is made out of alkaline liquid that is a part of man’s semen. Aside from the sperm cells, men also release an alkaline liquid when they ejaculate. During a normal ejaculation or an intercourse, the prostate can’t release all of its liquid. Therefore, there are residues left. These residues are the usual cause of prostate diseases.

Hence, we can say that prostate milking is one way of cleaning your body. In this case, it only focuses on your prostate. It is important that you get to do this on a regular basis. There is no risk in doing this frequently as long as you do everything properly and safely. There is no need to fret. All you need is the proper knowledge, and ample time to practice.

If you are seriously considering this massage, it would be important for you to know the proper preparation you have to observe. Always be clean. You have to take a bath and be particularly clean with your bottom and hands, including your fingers. Do trim your nails. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Then, purchase a good lubricant, as this would help you as you get to insert your finger inside your anus.

A good lubricant would not work if you are too tensed. If this is your first time with prostate milking, it’s normal to feel tensed. So, just take your time and practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the more you get familiar with the sensation. Hence, the tensed feeling could also subside. Another way to fight the tension is to do breathing exercises before the massage.

Once you are ready for penetration, you may already explore your rectum. Usually, you may find the prostate 2-3 centimetres from the opening. The bump that you will feel is not actually the prostate. It is just the spot where your prostate is. You simply have to massage this spot slowly. You may also tap it, press it, and just touch it gently.

During climax, you will feel that you are about to urinate. This is just normal. Allow the feelings to go through and you’ll experience the great prostate orgasm a little later. These are the necessary information you need to know in order to make use the your learning about prostate milking’s positive effects on your health.

Give your lover a treatment he cannot refuse. This prostate massage is one practice that will ensure your man’s health in the long run. Learn how you could give him a sensuous massage that he will never forget. Thank you to Martin Stonehaven for sharing his expertise in this arena. Visit him at

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Ultimate Guide to Prostate Milking and Massage

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