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What is Indian Champissage? Indian Head Massage (Champissage™) includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, ears and energy balancing. This method is the brainchild of Narendra Mehta. It is based on the traditional form of Champi (head massage) practised in India for over 1000 years.It is a wonderfully relaxing therapy. The massage is safe, simple to learn and very effective to give, without the need to undress or use oils. It can provide relief from aches and pains, stress symptoms, insomnia, promote hair growth, soothe, comfort and rebalance your energy flow which gives you a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquillity.

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Where can i find a Indian lady masseuse giving full body massage around Edison NJ?

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Does not matter if she’s not licensed

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5 Reasons Why You Need Indian Head Massage Techniques

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Of all the different forms of massage available there is one that holds a certain mystique to the point where many people who could very well benefit from it don’t consider having one as they are inclined to, through lack of understanding, back away from it and opt for a more regular type such as head or facial massage. Yet Indian head massage techniques can have the answer to unlock many physical and mental problems.

When discovered, Indian head massage therapy does not warrant such mystique as it is a very simple, gentle, and non invasive form of massage that can be taken by anyone. In this instance, forget the notion of massage using deep muscle manipulation which is appropriate for sports injuries. The purpose for the use of such techniques is to specifically reduce the historic build up of strains and tension in the areas of the head, face and neck.

As with any massage, one of the principle attractions is the creation of the feeling of relaxation. And whilst the techniques of Indian head massage are limited to the areas of the head, face and neck it has the effect of producing a wave of relaxation that flows to all parts of the body and is an excellent method of reducing the existing levels of stress. Following on from this, there is of course relief from pain and tension that has built up. The techniques will get straight to such problems as eye strain, a very common problem nowadays even though many people do not realise that they suffer from it, headaches, which may be caused by too great a strain on the eyes and even neck strains which can be caused by a bad posture or a poor sitting position at the computer.

As with its name, Indian head massage techniques do concentrate on the head area and in particular use the process of stimulation of the scalp to not only release tension but also such stimulation has resulted in the strengthening of the hair roots and reproduction of hair to counter such loss. This can be induced by the improved blood circulation which has been created by such stimulation. Improved circulation has the beneficial effect of reducing the toxins in the body and provides a suitable platform to enable healing as well as prevent many illnesses that can occur when the natural circulation flow has been affected.

Finally, would you not love to have an improvement in mental ability? Now, don’t get carried away with the notion that you will turn into an Einstein after one massage, yet it has been recognised that Indian head massage techniques have the potential to boost the mind’s ability to concentrate and to improve the capacity for memory. The stimulation of the head does improve the circulation and gives a boost to that most important muscle, the brain.

It is amazing that just by stimulation techniques of the head, face and neck area that so many benefits are derived. By being able to offer someone an Indian head massage or even undertake some of the techniques on yourself will be a very valuable asset to have. It is not difficult to gain these skills especially when excellent instructional Indian head massage techniques dvds are available and show easy to follow, step by step methods to unleash the dormant healing powers within your hands.

Unlock the secret to heal, improve, relieve, relax, even arouse with the power of your hands. The beneficial effects of massage is too often ignored as a natural method of easing common ailments. Now here’s your chance to learn Indian head massage techniques using easy follow professional instruction. Yes you can harness the power of your hands and be able to massage with confidence at

Ancient Indian Massage: Traditional Massage Techniques Based on the Ayurveda

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Product Description
Massage, done according to the natural laws of human anatomy and energy flow, offers the most pleasurable benefit of all daily practices. Regular massage vibrates and energizes the skin, muscles and nerves simultaneously and helps the body become light, active and full of vitality. Body heat and vitality increase as the heart and circulatory system open up to provide fresh oxygen and energy to all parts of the system while simultaneously flushing out waste gases and… More >>

Ancient Indian Massage: Traditional Massage Techniques Based on the Ayurveda

Barefoot Indian Massage

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A second type of Indian massage called “pizhichil,” this type focuses on using oil extracts to work their way from head to toes. This guy must like it, because his feet are flexing and wiggling throughout the treatment!

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