Should you wear underwear during a full body massage?

Posted: March 2nd, 2010 | Author: admin | Filed under: massage | Tags: , , , , , , | 8 Comments »

I don’t know if I should or not. Do you wear underwear when getting a full body massage? If the masseuse is the opposite sex?

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8 Comments on “Should you wear underwear during a full body massage?”

  1. 1 Emmi said at 4:49 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    I always do regardless of the masseurs sex. They will not be touching/massaging that area so there is no reason not to wear underwear.

  2. 2 You take the blue pill Jackhole! said at 5:24 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    No because it is a full body massage. If you are clever she may provide the happy ending. When you first meet her wink and smile the naughty smile. If you do it right it will happen. You cannot make a move at all. UNDERSTAND!!

  3. 3 HIGH SHAMAN said at 6:03 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    Most massage thereapis who do full body massage prefer for you NOT to wear under clothing during the massage …

    When they go to do your hips; and buttocks ; the oils will get on the under clothing and stain them .

    Also; if you are wearing Underclothing ; you’ll have to stop the massage and lower them for the backside area …

    Thus; just strip on down and use the sheet /towel to cover yourself ….

    SOME clients have worn BOXERS as they are easier to lower and then put right back up … just an alternative to being nude or wearing briefs etc …

  4. 4 mshatswell said at 6:15 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    Bra is optional, depending on your level of comfort. Underwear will need to stay on regardless of the therapist’s sex. We don’t massage there….

  5. 5 Jane D said at 7:12 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    It is an option of comfort. Some people like to leave their underwear (panties/boxers/etc) on and others dont. In EITHER case you should be draped in those areas throughout the massage anyway.

    A professional massage therapist will work with your comfort level, so never feel pressured to take off more than you want to. However, like someone else said, your clothes may get stained by lotions/oils and/or be slightly in the way when low back/hip work is being done.

    In any event, the sex of the massage therapist should not matter in any event as they should both treat your sessions the same in terms of keeping you draped and keeping things ethical.

    Again, as long as you are seeing someone truely qualified to do Massage Therapy, then they will know to keep your privates draped regardless of what you wear/dont wear.

  6. 6 Yergacheffe said at 7:22 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    None. But wear a towel if you are sensitive about nudity. The person giving the massage will move the towel a little to get at your lower back or upper thighs but then move it back to respect your modesty.

  7. 7 hurtlinghotpot said at 7:40 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    The genders don’t matter, but the policies of massage therapists vary.

    I’ve visited one venue where the masseurs (male) and masseuses (female) insist on underwear for men and women regardless of whether it’s the same or different sex. In another venue, the masseuses insist on all men and women being naked.

    So the only generic advice that can be given is for you to turn up in underwear that you don’t mind getting oil on (just in case) and listen to what the masseuse asks you to do.

    Some masseuses will ask you to keep underwear on. In my experience, this is more common where the masseuse is an employee of a spa. They will say something like “strip down to your underwear”.

    Some may offer you the choice – “you can leave your underwear on”.

    Many masseuses will simply ask you to get on the table and under a towel while they’re out of the room without mentioning underwear. If this is the case, don’t wear underwear unless you want to. Most of these will arrange and move towels such that even while you’re turning over, they never see (or do much with) your ‘private’ parts.

    Some masseuses will suggest that you get completely naked (often while they stay in the room) and will make the room warm rather than cover you up. This allows for long flowing strokes up and down the body, and wastes less time on moving towels about.

    And yes, some masseuses who do naked massages will offer extra services, but you should never assume that a masseuse who allows (or prefers) naked massages will do so.

  8. 8 Keith said at 8:07 pm on March 2nd, 2010:

    You may get undressed to your comfort level. A professional massage therapist is trained in draping a sheet over the patient the whole time. Jane

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