Is it best to be to be nude when getting a full body massage?

Posted: February 8th, 2010 | Author: admin | Filed under: masage supplies | Tags: , , , , , | 10 Comments »

to the females answering this question, do you prefer a male or female doing the massage. I have been told that a male does a better massage, but you re more comfortable with a female. what is your opionion.

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10 Comments on “Is it best to be to be nude when getting a full body massage?”

  1. 1 mamma_byrd said at 8:31 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    I think so. They keep a towel over you so it’s not like your butt is out showing the world.

  2. 2 fun_fearless said at 9:29 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    It’s the way it is – as I know.

  3. 3 ANSWERMAN said at 9:32 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    yes, you start out with a towel around your midsection and the masseur/masseuse will reposition it discreetly as necessary

  4. 4 Matadorguy said at 9:33 pm on February 8th, 2010:


  5. 5 maxfr8 said at 10:21 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    no, use a snowsuit and moonboots

  6. 6 Mike Z said at 10:38 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    There is a slight benefit to being fully nude when receiving a full body massage in that the whole body (including chest muscles and glutes) can get fully massaged. Massages are best given when the contact is skin on skin, avoiding the friction of cloth.

    That having been said, if you’re tense (nervous,) or otherwise preoccupied with the nudity, the anxiety can adversely affect your overall massage experience, negating the effects on these areas.

    I should add the same about ANY massage – I once got a FOOT massage which was SO ROUGH that it caused a “fight or flight” response in me!!! That is, it got me all worked up to either kill somebody or run away. This is NOT THE INTENDED PURPOSE OF A MASSAGE! So, comfort (being the gentleness or strength of touch,) areas of massage, and aromas being used (you don’t want to be allergic to the scents in the oils being used either,) will affect how much benefit (and at least enjoyment) you receive from your massage.

    So, if you’re not worried about being nude, go for it. If you’d rather not, don’t! It’s that simple!

    Hope that answered your question!

  7. 7 lord_fury2000 said at 10:46 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    yes or else you would be getting up in the middle to change and that isn’t very relaxing.

  8. 8 aber.fitch said at 11:13 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    In most cases, YES, although if this is something that freaks you our or makes you nervous, then No. Obviously, massages are meant to make you feel good but also to relax. If you can’t relax, then definitely keep on some panties or whatnot.

  9. 9 Victor said at 11:34 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    It depends on the style of massage as well as the level of comfort both for guest and therapist. Chinese Massage is done through a towel, Thai massage should be done wearing a comfortable t-shirt and shorts. A professional establishment will offer disposable underwear for male or female guests to wear when performing an oil massage.

  10. 10 jmkrouse301 said at 12:18 am on February 9th, 2010:

    yes, definately nude. How else would they apply all the oils. I would say a man giving the massage, they have stronger hands.

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